Coastal course
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  • 01 Jeju International Airport
  • 02 Yongdam Leports Park
  • 03 Eoyeong Park
  • 04 Dodubong Peak
  • 05 Iho Horse Lighthouse
  • 06 Dodubong Peak
  • 07 Eoyeong Park
  • 08 Yongdam Leports Park
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Jeju International Airport

This gateway to Jeju is where your trip begins and ends;here, more than 300 domestic and international flights are operated a day. Convenient transportation is available through the express route connecting Seogwipo and Jeju’s east and west areas.

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Yongdam Leports Park

Yongdam Leports Park is a park created for healthy leisure, sports, and leisure activities of Jeju citizens. It is well equipped with convenient facilities such as a multi-purpose playground for various activities, foot volleyball court, volleyball court, roller skating rink, basketball court, and water supply facilities.

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Eoyeong Park

The east-west length of the park is about 400 m. There is a children's playground, night lighting facilities, and benches. On the coast, there is a basalt rock formation and the blue sea. Across the park is a concentration of cafes, restaurants and eateries. This park is located in the middle of Jeju Olle Course 17 and is a popular place for olleh runners.

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Dodubong Peak

There are 31 landmarks inJeju Island and it is one of the 31 tourist attractions in Jeju City. It is easy to climb due to its gentle slope that provides a spectacular view of the sea from the summit of the hill.

Nearby attractions : Observatory at Dodubong Peak, Street of Memories (Chueok-ae Geori)

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Iho Horse Lighthouse

Course 17 of the Olle Trail passes through, and there is Iho Tewoo Beach, which is closest to Jeju International Airport as well as downtown Jeju. The beach is a good place for children to play because the slope of the white sand is gentle and the waves are not strong. At night, the 'Twin Horse Lighthouse' is lit up to make the night more beautiful than the day.

Nearby attractions: Byeolbyeolbong Peak, Sanji Lighthouse, Chilmeoridang Yeongdeunggut Site

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